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Housing Choice Voucher Program (Office is temporarily closed.  Please call or email for additional information and assistance.)

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, which used to be called Section 8, is a program where you find housing and the government helps you to pay for it. How much rental assistance you are given is based on your income and family size. Not all rentals will accept these vouchers, but we can help you understand how to find the right place for you and your family.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program does have a long waitlist — sometimes people wait two years until a spot is available. If you need housing right now, please call Housing Transitions at (814) 237-5508.

To see if you qualify for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, call (814) 355-6750 and dial extension 0.

The Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 office is located at 121 Beaver Farm Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823. Please call to see if staff is available before stopping in.

HCV Roles and Responsibilities

The Centre County Housing Authority strives to maintain
affordable housing options for the citizens of Centre County.
Our goal is to provide a secure, clean, and comfortable living
environment for all of our residents.

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